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If you guys are done watching other Netflix shows then you might be looking for new series on Netflix. Everybody has their own choice in watching a different type of series such as thriller, teen, horror, apocalypse, etc. Here in this article, I will write about some best horror Netflix shows that are worth watching. There are many series on Netflix but a series with a combo of action, horror, and romance is great to watch. Don’t waste your time finding the best Netflix shows here and there, I will write about only those series that I had watched and I felt those are good. Let us have a look at the best horror Netflix shows.


You already know about the Evil Dead movie series and the content of the movie series. I like them too because of their many best and popular horror scenes but I was so happy when I found that they released their show on Netflix with the title called Ash vs Evil Dead. The horror-comedy series released so far 3 seasons. Honestly, I liked the first two seasons as compared to the third one. The show’s lead actor is Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams. You won’t regret watching this show.


I can’t explain how best is Z Nation drama series on Netflix. If you are looking for zombie series then you need to watch this one. The creators of the show have different concepts to make the show interesting in a different way. Maybe nobody thinks about the two-headed zombie in this show. You should watch this show because of many reasons and one of them is different types of zombies. As long as survivors are successful out there in the land, the tougher the challenge they will face.


Another top zombie and horror show is one of the best horror Netflix shows which starts with the apocalypse. This show is different from other shows and has its own big reputation. It is not like the same zombie type of show but you will see differences as compared to other shows when you see that people are worse than zombies. Character development is awesome in the show. It’s interesting to watch a couple of your favorite characters grow in the show. You should definitely watch this show and you won’t regret it because this is the best show in horror Netflix shows.

If you have any names and suggestions about other best Netflix shows, then you can comment or you can send us the email.


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