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Welcome to Allshortreview for getting the latest updates about other wrestling news and WWE Raw news. Last week’s Raw was a good edition as compared to before as it got mixed reactions from fans. Pro wrestling has its own fan base but it should contain quality too. There are some superstars that can make wrestling more interesting with their unique skills and according to me, Matt Riddle is one of them. We will discuss some key points about the Bobby Lashley story, Charlotte Flair, and MITB build-up.

We don’t know that what is in the tank for Matt Riddle, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair, Bobby Lashley, etc. on Monday night Raw. They really need unique matches because rematches are boring and result in decreasing quality on WWE Raw. Riddle was good in the match on last week Raw and they are pushing him like they are planning him to win the MITB match. If they do it, I would love it because he is funny, he got charisma and in-ring skills. We will also see what happened to Randy Orton last week and plans for him. Moreover, what is next for Drew McIntyre?

Let’s put some light on the main moments on Monday night Raw.

Firstly, they need to do something with Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. They are fighting again and again on a few PPVs and it is not going to work. They can put someone with her but no Charlotte Flair. What do you think? Who is ready for Rhea Ripley? I would like to see a major return or Nikki Cross.

They don’t know what to do with Drew McIntyre and they put him in the MITB match. I think they should put him in the long rivalry rather than putting him in the MITB match. Fans are disliking that he is getting more chances for WWE Title or they can wait for him till SummerSlam 2021. In addition to it, it will be better if they make him heel again which will be interesting.

We hope to see progress between Matt Riddle and Randy Orton’s team. I only find this storyline interesting because The Viper and Bro are working together. Riddle got everything in him to become the megastar of WWE. Furthermore, he deserves to win the MITB match. Give us your suggestions about Matt Riddle in the comment section.

What are the plans for Sheamus? It will be better to put US Title vacant and have some matches to determine the champion. I would like to see the belt on Damian Priest.

They announced the rematch between Bobby Lashley and Xavier Woods but I think people are already bored with the New Day. They don’t have any interest to watch The Almighty vs any member of the New Day team. Kofi Kingston is good but I don’t find this match as a draw but if they are planning for Matt Riddle to win the briefcase and cash on Bobby Lashley then it will be awesome. Let’s hope we will see something interesting. You can check our post about the top 3 best opponents for Bobby Lashley.

We will also get the medical update on Charlotte Flair’s condition. They also announced a rematch between Ricochet and John Morrison. I don’t see any point to do the rematch between Richochet and John Morrison but who knows if they are planning for something interesting.

WWE RAW announced Miz TV segment including Drew McIntyre, Richochet, Matt Riddle, and John Morrison that could result in something chaos.

What do you think about WWE Raw? Who can beat Bobby Lashley? Give us your suggestions in the comment box. You can visit our website for more wrestling news or you can check the WWE category for WWE Raw news. Who will win Money In the Bank briefcase? My guess is Matt Riddle and he will cash on The Almighty. What is your guess? Make sure to visit again on our website for wrestling news.

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