If you guys are looking for WWE News then you are on the right website where you will get updated wrestling news. Today, I am going to write about the top 3 worthy opponents for Bobby Lashley on WWE RAW. We all know that Bobby Lashley is on his top form in his wrestling career. Bobby Lashley along with MVP is on a top ride with a monster push. To be strong he needs worthy opponents for upcoming PPVs. Without strong opponents, he can’t prove himself as the face of WWE RAW. In this article, we will put a light on the top 3 opponents for Bobby Lashley.

1. The Fiend

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I think people will love to watch Bobby Lashley vs The Fiend. Book Fiend as face and it will be a good match if he defeats Bobby Lashley. There is a strong need to book Fiend as the dominant character on WWE RAW. Then, it all depends on how they book the match and the storytelling of the match.

2. Finn Balor

wwe raw

Another option is Finn Balor. He left WWE after his last match with The Fiend on WWE Summerslam in 2019. When he came back, he was on a great run before losing to WWE NXT champion Karion Kross. He should be drafted to WWE RAW for a match with Almighty. Finn Balor is a great option because he is already a strong character and they just need to book him as a face and they can do that easily by introducing him on WWE RAW. Finn Balor is a great in-ring performer and all these factors make him a worthy opponent for Almighty.

3. Brock Lesnar

wwe raw

Here is the best and worthy opponent for Almighty. Who likes to watch Brock Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley? The beast vs All Mighty will be a great match and we can say it will be like a Wrestlemania Level match or they can book this match on WWE Summerslam 2021. Everyone wants to watch this match because we don’t know who will win and the reason is the strong booking of both characters. The match is worth watching if we couldn’t predict who will hold the WWE Title.

According to my opinion, Brock Lesnar is a strong opponent for Bobby Lashley and will make the match worth watching. If you guys have any suggestions on who should face Bobby Lashley then you guys can write them down in the comment section.

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